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Variétés Prud’homme is a family-owned business that has been in existence since 1972.

Over the years, the company has undergone significant evolution and expansion.

Today, it boasts a workforce of over 100 employees, many of whom have been with us for 20 to 35 years.

Warehouse Director's Team

More than 50 employees, involved in order preparation, invoicing, warehouse clerks, receiving, shipping, and forklift operators.

Office Team

25 employees, including buyers, procurers, customer service representatives, accounts receivable/payable, claims, graphic design, office clerks, and administrative assistants.

Sales Director's Team

2 supervisors, 30 representatives who travel to visit our 6,000 clients across Quebec/Ontario and New Brunswick.

We distribute over 10,000 products to our clients.

Our mission is to distribute the best products promptly at competitive prices while maintaining attentive service, and to achieve this, we need the best team.

The company, located in St-Jérôme, is looking for candidates to join its team.

We organize activities to socialize and express gratitude to our employees for their excellent work.

Employee purchase discounts.


We provide company-branded clothing after 3 months of service.

Fonds de pension.


The positions offered are from Monday to Friday, with evenings and weekends off.

We are also closed during the holiday season.

Come join the Prud’homme family!

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  • Order Picking
    The main task is to prepare customer orders. Prepare orders according to priorities set by the supervisor using state-of-the-art equipment. Collect empty boxes from the shelves. Notify section supervisors of any inventory irregularities (location, labeling, lack of supplies). Maintain the warehouse cleanliness at all times.
  • Billing
    The main task of a billing clerk is to verify orders and invoice customers. Check the quantity provided by the clerk in the picking process. Request replacement or addition of items that are non-compliant or missing in the order. Package certain products. Review your invoices before shipment. Maintain cleanliness at the workstation. Replace equipment as needed.
  • Warehouse Clerk
    The main task of a warehouse clerk is to prepare certain orders, arrange merchandise, ensure shelf restocking, and unload trucks as needed. Prepare customer orders. Place new receipts on shelves and in overhead storage as needed. Ensure there are no boxes left on the floor. Make necessary entries in the computer system to track perpetual inventories. Ensure proper storage quality (placing boxes in the correct orientation) and labeling of boxes in overhead storage. Maintain cleanliness in the warehouse. Replace equipment. Inform supervisors of any equipment defects.
  • Receiving
    The main task of the goods receiving clerk is to verify the receipt of all merchandise and sign the necessary documents to validate the delivery by the carrier. Plan various receptions. Count the number of delivered boxes. Unload trucks and containers. Consolidate merchandise with the supplier's packing slip. Generate a debit note for any missing, defective, or surplus products upon delivery. Notify the buyer in case of anomalies in the products. Replace equipment as needed. Keep the receiving dock clean at all times.
  • Shipping
    The main task of a shipping clerk is to ensure that orders are complete and that we always ship at the right price. Consolidate orders and put them on pallets as needed. Request transportation quotes according to the provided grid and adhere to instructions on transportation costs. Complete all necessary documentation for shipping. Submit all documentation to the office. Replace equipment as needed.
  • Forklift Operator
    The main task of a forklift operator is to carry out handling tasks safely. Perform maneuvers using a stand-up narrow aisle forklift. Move pallets as needed for replenishment. Prepare large orders. Place products on shelves. Conduct inventory.
  • Buyer
    The main task of the buyer is to plan, negotiate, and conclude agreements with suppliers. Meet with suppliers. Verify and finalize agreements with the supplier. Optimize purchase orders (minimum, transportation). Verify the accuracy of prices.
  • Supply Chain
    The main task of the procurement clerk is the procurement and inventory management for products from their suppliers. Generate purchase orders. Manage inventory levels. Analyze sales forecasts to plan demand. Verify the accuracy of prices.
  • Customer Service
    The main task of the customer service manager is to respond to customers as well as our representatives. Answer phone calls. Computerize orders. Manage computerized orders.
  • Accounts Receivable
    The main task of the Accounts Receivable Manager is the management of customer accounts. Perform collections from our customers. Analyze accounts receivable. Release orders. Generate account statements. Conduct credit investigations.
  • Accounts Payable
    The main task of the Accounts Payable Manager is the management of supplier accounts. Validate supplier invoices with our receipts. Verify invoices from our carriers against the cost chart. Code and enter invoices into the system. Prepare debit or credit notes. Issue checks.
  • Claims
    The main task of the Claims Manager is to provide service to customers when they have a complaint to make. Handle customer calls regarding damages, losses in transport, excess, or missing products in the order. Conduct investigations on damaged or lost merchandise. Ensure the replacement of damaged or lost merchandise.
  • Graphic Design
    The main task of the graphics design manager is to create graphic documents. Assembly of promotional visuals. Creation and adaptation of packaging. Coding and standardization of data.
  • Office Clerk
    An office clerk performs a variety of general office tasks, such as answering the phone, filing, sending, delivering messages, and processing data.
  • Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
    The main task of the Receptionist/Administrative Assistant is to answer the phone and handle administrative requests. Answer and direct calls. Handle requests from management. Make inventory adjustments/goods transfers. Enter monthly specials. Take charge of Christmas Associations.
  • Representatives
    The main task of the representative is to regularly visit clients and increase sales within their territory. Organize territory coverage strategically based on company recommendations. Establish and enhance positive relationships with clients to increase opportunities and assist them. Ensure excellent product knowledge. Take orders, identify, and respond to customer needs. Prospect for new clients.



Please note that each resume will be reviewed, but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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